Senior Associate

Adam Mantzos has over 30 years’ experience of advising on financial and economic issues in economic regulation and competition matters. His expertise includes the principles and calculation of regulated charges, price controls, and network access; cost allocation and regulatory accounting; cost and financial modelling; incremental cost analysis; efficiency analysis; and the assessment of cost reflectivity, excessive pricing and margin squeeze.


Adam has advised regulators, regulated companies, and competitors in markets affected by regulation, on over 70 different price controls, price control appeals, and competition investigations. Adam’s experience includes giving written and oral expert evidence both in support and defence of appeals on price control matters. He has worked in the fixed and mobile telecoms, gas, electricity, water, rail, post, and media industries.
Before becoming an independent consultant, Adam qualified as a Chartered Accountant and was a partner in the Economic and Financial Consulting practice of a major global accountancy firm.


Adam has worked with Market Analysis on a number of recent cases, including the Wanadoo/Orange margin squeeze complaint against British Telecom, and Hutchison 3G’s appeal against Ofcom’s finding of significant market power in mobile call termination.