Senior Associate

David Robinson holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Oxford. He consults on competition, regulation, and corporate strategy in energy and other regulated sectors. As a recognized architect of liberalization in Europe, he advises governments and corporations on public policy and corporate strategy in infrastructure sectors. His current research and publications cover energy and climate policy in the US, the EU and China, Sino-EU collaboration in renewable energy, the impact of the shale gas revolution, and the process and implications of energy sector decarbonization.


He is Senior Fellow of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and an Academic Advisor to the Brattle Group. He was formerly a Member of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at St. Louis University (Madrid campus), where he was also on the Board of Regents. He has run a consulting firm in Madrid since 2003.

He previously spent eighteen years as a consultant with the international consulting firm, NERA. He was a Director in the London office and then opened and was responsible for the firm’s offices in Spain and in Italy. He was a Board Member as well as being Co-Chair for European Operations and for the Global Energy and Telecom Practices.