Academic Associate

Nils-Henrik von der Fehr is Professor of Economics at the University of Oslo. He specialises in the fields of regulation and competition policy and has written extensively on regulatory issues in reformed electricity markets. He has advised on electricity and energy market reform in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and the UK, as well as for international organisations like the European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank.. He is currently an economic adviser to the Dutch Office for Energy Regulation, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Norwegian Competition Authority.

Professor von der Fehr’s recent publications include “Transparency in electricity markets” in Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy (2013); “Market design and investment incentives” in The Economic Journal (2011) (with N. Fabra and M-Á de Frutos); “Prices vs. quantities: Public finance and the choice of regulatory instruments” in the European Economic Review, 2008 (with F M Baldursson); “A whiter shade of pale: On the political economy of regulatory instruments” in the Journal of the European Economic Association, 2007 (with F. Baldursson); and “Designing electricity auctions” in the RAND Journal of Economics, 2006 (with N. Fabra and D. Harbord).

He has worked with Market Analysis on a large number of energy-related consulting projects in the UK, Australia and Colombia and is a Member of European Energy Institute.